qico pad

Wireless charging pad
Wireless transferring data between phone and computer

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On the phone

On your phone, scan QR code to install qico app.


For iphone

Download and install qico app from Apple App Store.

For Andriod

Download and install qico app from Google Play store.

Smart phone requirements

Work for the phones with wireless charging capability

On the Computer

For Windows 10 Computer

Download and install qico app from Microsoft Store.

For MAC computer

Please click here to download the software.

Please click here to watch how to install Mac app.

Computer requirements

Windows 10(build 1903 or above); MAC 10.14 or above

Bluetooth 4.0 or above

Wi-Fi or Ethernet network adapter

qico pad features

Through qico device, wireless charging will automatically trigger wireless backup of phone photos/videos/contact to computer.

  • Two-way transfer between phone (iPhone and Android) and computer (Windows 10 and Mac).
  • Share files, web content, or YouTube links from phone to computer.
  • Copy texts on computer and paste on phone, and vice versa.
  • Incremental back up phone photos/videos/contact in computer storage.
  • Ensure iPhone works in background.
  • Support Multi-phone to be paired.
  • Configurable transfer or backup destination on computer.
  • Transfer on the local network, not go through Internet, and ensure privacy.
  • No monthly fee of cloud service.
  • No account/password needed.
  • No file type, size, and quantity limitations.
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qico Bluetooth module

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Q1.Is there warranty service for qico pad?

Yes, without damaging by human factors or force majeure, there is 12 months warranty.

Q2.What is the system requirement for smart phone and computer?

Computer requirements: - Windows 10 (build 1903 or above); MAC 10.14 or above - Bluetooth 4.0 or above - Wi-Fi or Ethernet netowrk adapter Smart phone requirements: - work for the phones with wireless charging capability

Q3.What it the suggested operation range between computer and qico pad?

Suggest the pad working with computer on the same desk.

Q4.Can I back up multiple phones at the same time?

qico pad can pair with up to 5 smart phones. One is active at a time and can switch active phone in computer qico app.

Q5.What is the transfer rate by Wi-Fi?

Phone and computer transfer files by Wi-Fi directly. The speed will depend on phone, computer, and Wi-Fi router capability (802.11 n or AC) and also the environment (whether there is other interference).

Q6.Can I transfer files when there is no Internet access of computer and smart phone?

You can make phone as hotspot and let computer Wi-Fi connect to the hotspot for file transfer. For Windows 10, PC AP is also supported for phone Wi-Fi connecting to computer for file transfer.

Q7.Can I back up or transfer the file types other than photo and video from phone to computer?

On the phone, you can use Share function to transfer other type of files to computer in third party apps.

Q8.Is data transferred by Wi-Fi ? Does it mean I need to keep Wi-Fi on?

You will need to turn on Wi-Fi on the phone for file transfer.

Q9.Is it able to back up the files in external memory of Android phone?


Q10.If I transfer files from computer to phone, besides qico app, can I save or share the files to other apps or phone local storage?

In qico app, you can use Share option in Download page to save the files or keep in other app.

Q11.When back up iPhone, do I need to open iTune?

No, you don't need to open iTune for file transfer by qico.

Q12.How can I restart a brand new full backup?

Please open computer app. Click "Select transfer destination" button. After selecting the new directory, in pop-up window,select "No" to start a new full backup.

Q13.Will qico back up the photos and videos on iCloud?

To back up photos and videos from iCloud, those files need to be downloaded to phone first. It will possibly reduce phone storage quickly. Thus, it is currently not supported.

Q14.What is the possible reason if unable to to charge, or charge slowly?

Please check the following possible reasons: - Ensure there is no magnetic cases, credit cards, or other objects between your phone and the qico pad. - If your phone equipped with a thick or metal case, or battery case, please remove the case. - When your phone vibrates, it might shift from optimal charging position. To avoid this, please turning off vibration in phone settings.

Q15.Why does my iPhone only charge to 80%?

When iPhone is in charging, if the battery termperature is high (possibly due to the case or cover), iPhone might limit charging above 80 percent. It will start charging again when the temperature is lower.

Q16. When do I need to click Reset in settings of computer qico app?

When you are going to replace the qico pad, or when you want to use the ever paired qico pad again while it is currently paired with other computer, you will need to click the Reset option in computer app settings.

Q17. What is the purpose of "Charging first" option in Android qico app Settings?

Because charging and backup at the same time might make charging speed slower, if you need charging quicker, turning on this option and it will automatically start backup when battery level reaches 80%.

Q18. Why Android phone might not charge and trigger backup?

Some Android phone might have termperature issue when charging and backup run at the same time. Thus, if the battery level is lower than 30% or the temperature is too high, it will automatically terminate the backup, when the battery level reaches 80%, it will restart automatically.

Q19. When will phone qico app stay in the status of "Scanning files" for a long time?

When there are lots of photos and videos, it will require more time to compare data and make scanning status stay longer.