qico solution

qico Cross Platform Wireless Transfer Solution

Support iPhone and Android phone
Support Windows 10 and MacOS

Not transfer through Internet to ensure
security and privacy

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OEM/ODM Business

Resolve transfer difficulty
between computer and phone

  •  No worry about phone storage capacity when you purchase phone with smaller storage
  •  No transfer barrier between mainstream computer and phone
  •  No transfer limitation like messaging app such as WeChat, line, etc.
  •  No transfer interrupt when iPhone screen is locked

Two-way transfer across platforms

  •  Support Windows 10 and MacOS computers
  •  Support iPhone and Android phone
  •  Support four possible combinations between phone and computer

Easy to back up photos and videos of Phone

  •  One button backup (no duplicated transfer)
  •  Wireless charging triggers backup (for qico device with wireless charging)
  •  Backup from phone to computer directly without relay
  •  Automatically arrange files in months

Ensure security and privacy

  •  Not go through cloud and no monthly fee
  •  Transfer on local network without privacy concern
  •  Direct transfer between phone computer, fast and convenient

Without transfer limitation

  •  No file size limitation
  •  No file quantity limitation
  •  No file type limitation

Seamless connection

  •  Not require your personal account infomation
  •  Not require scanning QR code for reconnection
  •  Not require typing PIN code for reconnection
  •  Pair one time and can automatically reconnect afterward

Transfer files to designated directory
in external or internal disk

  •  You can freely configure internal or external disk as transfer destination
  •  You can make multiple backups in different disks